Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 1pm

Magdolna Berezvai, Conductor

Magdolna Berezvai has dedicated her life to excel in violin teaching career. At the age of 12 she was accepted in the Franz Liszt Music Academy program for extraordinary talent. Her life journey had taken her to Australia where she set up and maintained an instrumental program, teaching 75 students.  

Magdolna’s desire is to pass on her talent and knowledge to the next generation and to her community.

She had the determination making substantial sacrifice in her life to move to Europe to further a talent’s carrier. Achievements some of her students at early age won at International Violin Competitions a 1st  prize Telemann Violin Competition in Poland, France , Australia, Hungary  and  2nd prize in Italy. She also worked with the Australian SBS Youth Orchestra, the Vac Symphony Hungary, Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of Music Budapest Orchestra and the Polish Philharmonic, and Symfonica Baltica Orchestra, and organized performances in England, Australia, Israel, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, France, Switzerland, Germany, Arab Emirates, Austria and Hungary. Her performances have been broadcast on TV in Athens and in concert on ABC Classic FM, Channel 7 Australia, Hungarian and Jerusalem radio.

CEMALA  (Classical European Music Academy Los Angeles)

CEMALA promotes and provides opportunities for children with talent and determination to participate in arts and musical activities. As a comprehensive violin school CEMALA provides a gifted talented program and classes, support and nurture to develop a musical community. CEMALA is committed to nurturing young extraordinary musical talents by inspiring the passion and teaching amazing technique from the virtuoso flair to pure, silken tone of elegance. During concerts, we know we have achieved our goal when the spark jumps over to the audience! Our music not only entertains our guests but challenge the students as well. We practice hard and gather new experiences from numerous performances, from trips to Italy,  the White House, to the Lakers, to theme parks, and other community venues.

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