Choral Directors Experience the Magic of Italy and Greece, and Love It!

Choral Directors Experience the Magic of Italy and Greece, and Love It!

MidAmerica Productions pays close attention to comments from our participants. Their feedback has helped us improve our offerings and maintain our position as the foremost independent producer of classical concerts in New York. We are particularly pleased that participants in our first concerts in Florence, Italy, in June 2015, and in the 11th Festival of the Aegean, in Syros, Greece, in July 2015, have had such positive things to say about their experiences with us.

Reviews from Florence:

After participating in the first “Great American Choirs in Florence” series in June 2015, David Rayl, Michigan State University, East Lansing, wrote:

“What could be better than singing some of the world’s most beautiful music in one of the world’s most enchanting cities? The guided tours were excellent—the tour of the Uffizi was the best museum tour I’ve ever taken. Our 9 days in Florence were magical.”

Kenneth A. DeBoer, Piedmont Chorale, Charlotte, NC, said:

Basilica di Santo Spirito Firenze
Basilica di Santo Spirito in Firenze

“It has been over a month since I returned from Florence and the wonderful experience of not only seeing the beauty and art that is Florence, but much more importantly, participating in such a gratifying musical experience. As expected the quality of the total festival experience never disappoints. Having brought groups to New York and Carnegie Hall, Syros, Greece, and now to Florence for both me as conductor and my singers has been a high point of the year. My singers always come back excited to be ‘experienced choral singers’ with a higher regard for the choral art. As my colleague and fellow conductor, Raymond F. Weidner told me upon our return to the US, ‘The festival was a wonderful experience- one of the best musical events I’ve experienced in years.’  I could not have expressed it better. Thank you, Peter for your continued efforts to provide quality choral experiences for our choruses. I will be participating again in the near future with another of your wonderful festivals.”

Reviews from Festival of the Aegean:

Of this year’s Festival of the Aegean, William Wyman, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE, commented:

“The 2015 Festival of the Aegean provided a rich experience for my students and me, diverse in musical opportunities with an excellent acoustical venue in St. Nicholas Church and a visually and historically impressive venue in the Apollo Theater. In addition to the three choral concerts, my students also provided the Greek Chorus in the Cherubini opera Medea, performing with professional singers and orchestra and giving them experience in the world of professional opera. The city of Hermoupolis is an idyllic setting for this festival with fine recreational, eating and shopping options. The international representation within the Festival participants was an added bonus to the experience.”

And Rita E. Stinner, Western Nebraska Community College, Scottsbluff, stated:

“Mere words cannot begin to describe the exquisite experience we shared on the island of Syros, Greece. From the sparkling Aegean Sea and sand, the traditional Greek foods and warm ambience, and the beautiful and welcoming Greek people, it was the trip of a lifetime. The students performed a wealth of music, joining forces with both students and experienced professionals from France, Belgium, Chile, China, Germany, Australia, Ukraine, Greece, and multiple locations in the United States, performing major works by Fauré, Mozart, and Beethoven. They cherished the opportunity to give a solo Sunset Concert at the beautiful Saint Nicholas Cathedral, and join other Nebraska choirs in concert the same evening. The highlight of the experience was our involvement in the production of Cherubini’s opera Medea, performed in the historic Apollo Theater. The opportunity to work with international professionals, the Greek Opera Chorus, and the Philharmonic Orchestra from Poland was incredible, and the educational growth limitless.”

In addition to performance opportunities at New York’s Carnegie Hall, MidAmerica Productions and MidAm International will offer concert tours in 2016 to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, China (May 21-31); Florence, Italy (June 3-12); Vienna, Austria (June 17-26); and Syros, Greece (July 6-20). Join us. For more information, visit


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