MidAmerica Productions Presents its First American Choral Competition in Carnegie Hall

MidAmerica Productions Presents its First American Choral Competition in Carnegie Hall

MidAmerica Productions, Inc.

The Most Prolific Independent Producer & Presenter of Choral Concerts in the History of Carnegie Hall since May 5, 1891


The Debut of MidAmerica’s 

First American Choral Adjudication & Competition 



Two Divisions:

High School & Adult/University

Announcing GRAND PRIZES OF $10,000 

Second Prizes: $5,000 — Third Prizes: $3,000

June 2, 2017

Vocalists Singing in Carnegie Hall Competition

Dear Music Colleagues:

For the first time in our 35-year history MidAmerica Productions is announcing an adjudicated choral competition which will take place in historic Carnegie Hall on Tuesday, May 29, 2018; an all-day, public, one day event. We are inviting you and your choir to consider applying to participate.

Between 9:00am and 4:00pm on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 20 choirs (10 high school choirs and 10 adult/university choirs), of 50 to 60 voices each, will present 20 minute performances of choral music of any genre on the main stage of Carnegie Hall to four distinguished choral adjudicators. These continuous performances will be free and open to the public. Each participating choir will receive written evaluations from four judges, and a private one-on-one 20-minute meeting with one of our choral clinicians immediately following their performance.

The following 100-point rating scale will be utilized by the panel of judges during the competition:

Vocal quality 15%

Rhythm Precision 10%

Tonal clarity 10%

Musical expression 10%

Musical difficulty 10%

Proportion / Blend / Balance 5%

Unity / Complexity / Intensity 5%

Musical focus 5%

Language 5%

Clarity of diction %5

Deportment 5%

Overall presentation 15%

TOTAL: 100%


At 8pm that evening, all participating choirs will combine to form two festival choirs. The combined high school ensembles will perform John Rutter’s REQUIEM led by the composer himself, and the adult/university ensembles will perform the fourth movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, “ODE TO JOY”, conducted by Peter Tiboris with the New England Symphonic Ensemble Orchestra and world-class soloists. At the conclusion of the concert, Peter Tiboris will announce the winners of the competition from the stage of Carnegie Hall. Grand Prize winners in both the high school and adult/university categories will be presented with $10,000. Second Prize winners will be presented with $5,000 and Third Prize winners with $3,000.

All 20 choirs appearing in the competition and evening performance will receive:

  • Special photography from their solo competition performance.
  • One archival video recording of their solo competition performance.
  • Special photography from the evening performance of Rutter’s REQUIEM and Beethoven’s “ODE TO JOY”.
  • One archival video recording of the evening performance.
  • A Certificate of Merit to all 20 ensembles for their appearance indicating that they were “Finalists”.


Sunday, May 27: 

Arrival in NYC

Monday, May 28: 

Rehearsals of the REQUIEM and NINTH SYMPHONY “Finale” in the Morning and Afternoon. Evening Free.

Tuesday, May 29: 

9am to 4pm: Solo competition in 20 minute segments. The SATB Carnegie Hall performances can be either a cappella or with piano.

5:30pm to 7:30pm: Dress rehearsal of Rutter and Beethoven in Carnegie Hall

8pm: Concert of Rutter and Beethoven followed by the awards presentation

Wednesday, May 30: 

Depart NYC


  • A video audition must be submitted to MidAmerica Productions via private YouTube link on or before September 15, 2017. The video must be an unmastered/unedited live recording of a performance. The completed application form (attached here) must also be returned.
  • Submissions need not be longer than 15 minutes from any musical period and from any concert recorded during the past 9 months.
  • The audition committee will review the submissions and announce the 20 finalists by October 1, 2017.
  • The cost for each choir participating in this competition is $349 per chorus member (directors and accompanists are without cost). To confirm their participation in the finals on May 29, 2018, choirs must send a $200 per-person payment to MidAmerica Productions by November 1, 2017.
  •  The per-person balance is due March 15, 2018.
  • Each choir is responsible for their own costs related to transportation, housing, food, and incidental expenses. (MidAmerica Productions has special arrangements with numerous hotels in NYC and is able to recommend those hotels to you should you request them. Your choir or representative would work directly with the hotel to secure such arrangements.)


If you have further questions or wish to submit audition materials, please contact James Redcay, Director of Program Development, by email at jredcay@midamerica-music.com or by calling 212-239-0205, extension 223.

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