5 Fundraising Ideas to Travel with your Choir, Orchestra, or Band

5 Fundraising Ideas to Travel with your Choir, Orchestra, or Band

Traveling with your choir, orchestra, or band can be incredibly rewarding. Visiting new places is both exciting and educational, and when you get to perform in one of the world’s famous concert halls, you end up with experiences that can inspire young musicians, and memories that last a lifetime. Although traveling with a group can be expensive, the cost of the trip shouldn’t be what stands in the way of giving your students or ensemble the opportunity to perform in New York or abroad. We’ve put together a list of five travel fundraising ideas that can give your group the help it needs to travel and perform around the world:

#1. Crowdfund It!

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The Internet is your biggest ally when it comes to fundraising. Websites like GoFundMe or Indiegogo are easy to use and can handle donations from credit cards or PayPal. You can send your family and friends a link to the donation page, or share it on Facebook for even more exposure. The services charge a small fee, but the simplicity and potential for social sharing make it well worth the cost.

#2. Let the Community Know

It never hurts to let people know that you are raising money, and what you’re raising money for. One way you can share your fundraising project with the community is by pitching an article to your local paper. Because newspapers often need local human interest stories, they are often happy to write a short article on your fundraiser, and having it published will get your project more attention and more donations.

#3. Get Down to Business

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Just as local papers benefit from sharing your story, so will local businesses benefit from helping your fundraising efforts. Traveling with your ensemble to Carnegie Hall or to Europe is exciting, and many business owners would be proud to be a part of enriching their community with a simple donation. It’s also a good idea to ask your musicians (or their parents) if their workplace has a donation matching program. If so, you can often double the amount donated, putting you that much closer to your goal.

#4. Ask Friends and Family

This may seem like a given, but asking your friends and family for donations is worth doing, and worth doing right. Have your musicians write personalized, thoughtful letters to their friends and family, letting them know that you are raising money to travel and perform, and asking them to donate as much as they are comfortable with. After they donate, thank them personally and publicly (over social media or in person) for their generosity. Your loved ones are sure to help out if they know their donation is going to a good cause and that it is appreciated.

#5. Host a Fundraising Event

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Bake sales and benefit concerts are classics for a reason: they work. Getting people together for a fundraising event is the best way to reach your donation goal. There are a number of different kinds of events that you can hold (silent auctions, hosted dinners, raffles, etc.), and you can even combine several different types into one big fundraising extravaganza (e.g., a hosted dinner followed by a concert and raffle). Although holding a fundraising event is the most surefire way of getting donations, it is also one of the most difficult to execute. Check back for our in-depth guide to getting the most out of your fundraising event, which will be published on the blog next week.

We hope this list has helped to give you some ideas for your next fundraising project. Whether you’re raising money for an orchestra or just one person, you can reach your goal with hard work and planning. If you found this guide useful, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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