Marlynn Rey on the Festival of the Aegean: “It was Excellent in Every Sense”

Marlynn Rey on the Festival of the Aegean: “It was Excellent in Every Sense”

Marlynn Rey is a choral director and composer who recently took part in MidAm International’s 13th Annual Festival of the Aegean. She received a Bachelor of Music from Canadian Bible College with a piano major and voice minor. Rey has directed several choirs in her career, both in the US and Canada. She has been an accompanist for Mesa Community College, AZ, and a private piano instructor for 36 years. Her compositions have been performed at Mesa Community College and The Brooklyn Community Chorus in New York (May 2015). She has served as a rehearsal director for a MidAmerica Productions’ performance of John Rutter’s Requiem in Carnegie Hall in 2007, and is presently the director for junior and senior high school choirs at Tempe Preparatory Academy. She is also is on staff at Sun Valley Community Church as the Traditional Service leader. Here’s what she had to say about her experience at the 2017 Festival of the Aegean in Syros, Greece:

The Yellow Rose Singers from San Antonio, TX at the 2017 Festival of the Aegean

Dear Peter,

Thank you again for a wonderful time for my choir members at the Festival both as performers and as a grateful audience.

Our experience musically in rehearsal with both you and Gary Mabry (he did such a fantastic job of working on the performance details) was professional and inspirational. I felt that Jeffrey and CJ [MidAm International staffers] were excellent to work with and constantly working to make things run smoothly.

I believe our experience on the Corinth tour was absolutely a highlight of the trip (maybe because I also have a degree in Biblical Studies!).  Our tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable for someone so young and so pleasant to tour with.

The Festival was excellent, Peter.  Everyone I talked to was so impressed with the orchestra!  They did a stellar job.  The Tchaikovsky, beautiful Mozart performances and of Madam Butterfly provided contrasts of style and definitely showcased the performers’ talent.  It was excellent in every sense.  I thought the St. Nicholas Church venue provided a completely different feel to the performances, which again was a wonderful contrast to the theatre.

Kind regards and safe travels,

Marlynn Rey

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