Modern Classics: Éric Champagne’s Te Deum

Modern Classics: Éric Champagne’s Te Deum

In the classical music world, we often neglect the modern in favor of the past. For example, most people can recognize Beethoven or Mozart, but the nearer to the present, the lesser known the composer. In our blog series, Modern Classics, we highlight the best modern works from living composers — this week we are turning our attention to composer Éric Champagne, whose Te Deum, which will be performed in Carnegie Hall on June 5 as part of MidAmerica Productions’ 34th concert season. Here’s why Champagne’s work is a meaningful composition for today’s classical world.

Raise a Glass to Champagne

Although not quite a household name, composer Éric Champagne has already left his mark on the classical music world. At just 36 years of age Champagne already has composed over sixty major works, many of which are regularly performed in Canada, the United States, and abroad. After earning his Master’s in Composition from Cégep Saint-Laurent Université de Montréal, he won the Prix Opus prize for “Discovery of the Year,” later going on to serve as composer-in-residence for both the Orchestre métropolitain and the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur.

Champagne’s works vary widely, covering the gamut of modern classical music styles. In addition to a lyric opera composed in the course of his Master’s studies, he has co-composed a humorous lyric work called Bungalopolis based on a series of comic strips, and several instrumental and choral works including his Symphony No. 1 for which he was awarded the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec Prize for Creation of the Year in Montréal.

A view of downtown Montreal, Éric Champange's hometown
A view of downtown Montreal, Éric Champange’s hometown

His latest work, the Te Deum for orchestra, choir, and soloists was commissioned by the Société Philharmonique for the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal, Champagne’s hometown. With modern flourishes and warmth, the work evokes the beauty of summertime in the city. As a tribute to the late Miklós Takács, the founder of the Société Philharmonique, Champagne’s work references another Te Deum, the one written by Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály. Éric Champagne’s Te Deum will be performed on June 5, 2017 in Carnegie Hall under the baton of Pascal Côté, the current conductor of the Société Philharmonique, and will be the work’s United States Premiere.

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