Masterworks In Concert: Mozart’s Solemn Vespers

Masterworks In Concert: Mozart’s Solemn Vespers

It is almost impossible to overstate the impact Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has had on the world. For musicians and non-musicians alike, hearing his name conjures up images of genius, fame, and artistic accomplishment. However, despite his current renown, Mozart was still a product of his time, and as a composer in the 1700s that meant creating works to suit the demands of his patron.

Mozart’s Liturgical Masterpiece

Mozart’s Vesperae solennes de confessore, commonly known as Mozart’s Solemn Vespers, is one such work, originally written for use in the Salzburg Cathedral. Although Mozart was fairly young when he entered into patronage with Archbishop Colloredo, Bishop of Salzburg, he was already considered a musical prodigy and was eager to produce new and exciting works. Unfortunately for the youthful composer, the relationship between the church and its musicians was strained at best. The rules for acceptable church music were restrictive and didn’t allow Mozart to realize his creative ambitions, resulting in his composition of several sacred works that were unimaginative, if practical.

However, with his Solemn Vespers, Mozart was able to both abide by the restrictions of the church and create a work that would stand the test of time. Although the piece was perfectly suited for use in a liturgical setting, Mozart managed to include subtle nods to opera and counterpoint as well. The Solemn Vespers represent Mozart’s triumphant marriage of his own artistic needs with the demands of his patron, a victory which enabled him to continue his career and go on to write many more of the works for which he is known today.

Solemn Vespers in Carnegie Hall

On February 18, 2018 at 2pm, conductor David Thye will lead a performance of Mozart’s Solemn Vespers as part of MidAmerica Productions’ 35th season in Carnegie Hall. Tickets to the event will be available two months prior to the concert. To find out about other Carnegie Hall concerts on MidAmerica Productions’ 35th season, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Over the past 35 years, MidAmerica Productions has produced over 1300 concerts in Carnegie Hall and in historic concert halls all over the world. To have your ensemble perform in Carnegie Hall or internationally give us a call at 212-239-0205 or visit us at

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